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Downloading Software

Instructions for Downloading Software

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Step 1. - After you click on the 'Download' Button at the bottom of this page, the window below will appear. Please click on the circle that says 'Run this program from its current location'. Then Click on 'OK'. This will initiate the ~10-30 minute download of our installation file.

(Use the scroll bar at the far right to move up and down this page)
Simulation Only

Step 2. After the file has downloaded to your computer, (~ 10 min), the window below will appear. Click on the 'Yes' button. This will begin the installation of the software.

Simulation Only

Step 3. Once the Install begins, proceed with the default selections, answering, 'Next, Next, Start, and Exit'. Then Reboot your computer.


Choose 'Run this program from its current location'

Choose 'Run this program from its current location'

Choose 'Run this program from its current location'




Gin Rummy Only


1.7 mg (~10 min at 56k)

Play live against other players 



7.1 mg (~40 min at 56k)

Blackjack, Video Poker, Slots, Roulette, Sportbook, Live Gin Rummy

Attention Gin Players

This Gin software is our first publicly released beta version. You may use it to play for real money, but be aware of the following:

We have betatested it for 3 months. We believe the software to be 99% bug free, but it is possible that you may come across a few bugs that we have not yet discovered. If you do, please email us immediately so we can address and fix them.

Specifically, if you come across scoring errors, such as not scoring a hand properly, not making layoffs properly, computer not recognizing that you can Knock or Gin during the hand, please stop immediately at that point and let it time out and settle. We will reimburse your account for any unfair losses for these kinds of errors.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience in these first few weeks of this release of our BetaVersion.