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Financial Wagers

Rules Pertaining to all Stock Market and Financial Wagers:

When wagering on any of our financial selections, the player must only pick which direction the security or index being bet on will move. In other words, a bet on the Dow Jones Industrials Average allows the player to simply pick that the Dow is going to close higher or lower relative to the close on the previous day. In a case where the closing price of a security or index is the exact same as the previous close, all wagers will be ruled as a push.

These wagers concern the next two closes. In other words, if the market has not yet closed today, the next wager available concerns today's close and tomorrow's close. If the market has already closed today, the next available wager concerns tomorrow's close and the close of the day after tomorrow.

If the exchange, which the financial selection is dependent on, is closed early for any reason, all wagers will have action, and the close of each day will be ruled whatever the exchange determines the close to be for that date. If a player places a wager concerning a closing date on which the exchange is not open for any reason (either a problem with the exchange, or the date was entered wrong when the wager was posted), those wagers will be no action.

The exchange, on which the financial selection is dependent, is always the final determinate of the closing price.

All futures contracts posted that concern currencies refer to the currency vs. the U.S. dollar.

When an account is established with a credit card, the following rules apply:

Our credit card processor charges us 7.5% of every charge that we take, regardless of credits (refunds) given back to that credit card. If a customer deposits and then withdraws before giving wagering action that equals the amount of the charge, management holds the right to deduct the 7.5% fee from the customer's balance.

We can only refund back to your card the exact amount of the original charge. Management always reserves the right to credit back to a Visa card up to the total amount charged, regardless of how customers request to receive their funds.

Winnings will only be sent to the same name that appears on that credit card.

It is important to understand that offshore sportsbook/casinos are prime targets for credit card fraud. We are completely legal and licensed and we do not tolerate this. We keep complete pay-out records and do not hesitate to send all information to the FBI when we experience fraudulent credit card activities.