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Referral Bonus


Referral Bonus:

The referral bonus earned by the current customer is dependent on the amount deposited by the new customer, per the following schedule:
$25 for accounts opened with $100 - $1,000
$50 for accounts opened for greater than $1,000

Referred customers must specify by phone, email or form who they were referred by. (Either full name or username).

The new account must be an active account, i.e., they must wager enough to satisfy the conditions for their own initial bonus.

The referral bonus will be credited to the existing customers account immediately, but will be later deducted should the new customer fail to qualify as an active account.

Free $25 Wager:

The $25 Free Wager is a bonus that is given to all new customers who use our downloadable sports/casino software. Browser based sports bettors do not qualify for the $25 Free Wager. When a new account first logs into our downloadable software, his only wager option will be to risk nothing to win $25. If this is a winning wager, it will be added to the customer's initial deposit. The results of this wager will not be made available until the customer makes a deposit.