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These rules are for wagering online on the internet. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-283-6186
$15 Free Casino Chips and $25 Free Wager: (Downloadable Casino/Sports Software Only)

If the player wins his free $25 Wager (can only be placed on sporting event), his first deposit will have $25 added to it. If a player makes his $15 in Free Casino Chips Account balance go to $25 or more, another $25 will be added to his initial deposit (regardless of how far above $25 a Free Casino Chips Account Balance goes, No More than $25 in casino bonus money will be added to the initial deposit). Bonus credits of either kind cannot be used to wager further with until a deposit is made into the account. In most instances, the bonus credits will appear the morning after the deposit when our regular nightly reconciliation is performed. Players shall be limited to Free Chip and Free Sports wagers in one account only. A person is not eligible for the Free bonuses simply by signing up as another username.

General Regulation:

All rules, regulations, and payoffs contained herein are subject to change and revision by the management without prior written notice.

All records are held completely confidential and protected under the laws of Costa Rica, absolutely no winnings are reported to any government agencies. It is the responsibility of each member to report any income from wagering to their respective government agencies.

All transactions and wagers shall be considered originating from and governed by the laws of Costa Rica.

Members are solely responsible for their own account transactions. Please be sure to review your wagers for any mistakes before sending them over the computer. Once a bet is placed over the computer it cannot be changed. CHECK ALL BETS CAREFULLY!!!

Management reserves the right to refuse wagers that differ from posted Las Vegas lines by four points or more, or $ .50 or greater on money lines.. If you find an obvious error in our lines call us and we will deposit $25 into your account for helping us.