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With Drawals


* Credits back to VISA cards can only be for the exact amount of the original charge.

We can NOT do credits back to MASTERCARD charges. (This is a new policy of our credit card processor and Mastercard. It may be temporary, but most likely permanent.)

* Minimum withdrawal amount is $50

* All withdrawals must first be credits back to the credit card, (if VISA), or transfers back to Neteller if deposits were made using their system, until the total amount deposited is reached. Beyond this, players can receive their funds by bank wire, bank check, (mailed by DHL), or Western Union cash.


Because of Mastercard's new No-Credit policy, our exposure to fraud has greatly increased. To protect ourselves, we need complete assurances that the original charge was legitimate.

*All withdrawals that cause the player's balance to drop below the total MasterCard charges made over the previous 90 days will be treated in the following way: The player will need to fax the following documentation to us regarding those charges.

Copies of a recent credit card statement, 1 for each different MC used.
Copy of drivers license

Send fax to 1-888-283-6186:

Also, all withdrawals that fit the above category only, will be charged a 10% SERVICE CHARGE, in addition to the normal withdrawal fees. We apologize for these stringent conditions on MasterCard charges, but credit card processing is incredibly expensive, and, in light of MasterCard's new policy, the above fees are the only way we can continue to accept MasterCard charges.

* Players are entitled to 1 Free withdrawal, (without fees), per month, for the life of their account. This withdrawal must be greater than $100. Withdrawals less than $100, or 2nd and 3rd withdrawals for a month will incur a withdrawal fee of $40 for checks and wires, and ~ 5-15%, ($25 Minimum), for western union cash.