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Online Credit Card Deposits - Visa Approval usually in 60 seconds or less


If you are having problems funding your account, try FirePay.

Firepay charge attempts generally have a higher success rate than #1 above.

1. Go to, create an account, and fund it online.

2. Go to #1 above and use your Firepay account number in place of your CC number.



Use Gin4Money as Merchant

Neteller - Open a Neteller cash transfer account and be wagering in minutes

Deposit funds using Credit Card, PayPal, Yahoo PayDirect, direct bank deposit, or Western Union

TRANSFER From Neteller TO Sportsbook/Casino/Cardroom

TRANSFER FROM Sportsbook/Casino/Cardroom to Neteller

Fast Cash

Please call our office for the quickest way to send cash


Bank Wire

Please call our office for wiring instructions


*Once you have sent either a bank wire or fast cash, email us with the wire transfer number, and the exact amount sent.

Transfer Fees: Your account balance will be credited for all costs associated with the transfer or sending of all funds used to open accounts or to add to existing accounts.

 Online Credit Card Approval

The easiest way to deposit funds to your account is with our ONLINE APPROVAL system. This can be used for amounts from $20 - $1000. This process usually takes less than 60 seconds to obtain approval and have the monies deposited to your account.

There are no additional fees charged for this service. It does requires a valid username, so you must have signed up first in order to use it. New customers who have not done so yet, Sign Up Here.

Your MC/VISA charge will be processed by FireCash, Ltd. Filling out the form online, and submitting it authorizes FireCash, Ltd. to charge your credit card the amount that you specify. To obtain approval, you must use the address to which your credit card statement is mailed.

Neteller is a safe, independent non-affiliated company that acts as a transfer agent between casinos/sportsbooks and players. You sign up with Neteller. They offer you a variety of ways to fund your Neteller account. After you have funded it, you can transfer funds to anyone who is a Neteller merchant.

This is also a great way to withdraw funds from your casino/sportsbook account. Transferring funds can be done from either our site or theirs.