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Special note rules 


Because of Mastercard's new No-Credit policy, our exposure to fraud has greatly increased. To protect ourselves, we need complete assurances that the original charge was legitimate.

*All withdrawals that cause the player's balance to drop below the total MasterCard charges made over the previous 90 days will be treated in the following way: The player will need to fax the following documentation to us regarding those charges.

Send fax to 1-888-283-6186:

Also, all withdrawals that fit the above category only, will be charged a 10% SERVICE CHARGE, in addition to the normal withdrawal fees. We apologize for these stringent conditions on MasterCard charges, but, in light of MasterCard's new policy, the above fees are the only way we can continue to accept MasterCard charges.
Maximum Wager Limitations:
Limit #1:

No player shall wager greater than $1,100 on any team or totals wager. Halftime lines and Series Wagers are independent events and do not affect the limits of other wagers including the same teams. This includes the sum of all straight bets, moneyline bets, parlays, and teasers that have the team as a part of them, based on the following schedule:
Straight Wagers - The amount risked is used.
MoneyLineWagers - The amount to win is used
Parlays/Teasers - The total amount risked divided by the number of events in the wager is used.


Player A wagers $880 to win $800 on the Denver Broncos to beat the spread. He also makes a moneyline bet of $200 to win $120 on Denver to win the game outright. He would at that point have wagered $1,000 on Denver. He would then be able to bet a maximum of $100 on Denver in a parlay or teaser. That means he could make a $200 2 team parlay wager with Denver as part of it. Or a $300 3 team parlay with Denver as part of it.

With regards to the above limits, straight wagers and totals for the same game are considered separate events. Limit of $1,100 applies to each.

Limit #2:

The maximum payoff on any single parlay or teaser bet shall be $3,000.

If any player violates the above limits, management shall have complete discretion as to which bets to delete or reduce to bring the player within the limits.

Casino Rules:
Genera Regulation:

Balances are reduced, by the full amount risked, at the beginning of ever casino wager. IN CASE OF A DISCONNECT during mid-game, the game in progress will be considered a loss.

Minimum Bet in BlackJack is $1, Maximum Bet in BlackJack is $25

Minimum Bet in Video Poker is $.25, The Maximum Bet in Video Poker is $5

BlackJack Rules:


Take as many cards as you need for your hand to total 21 (without going over) in order to beat the Dealer's hand.

How to Play:

First select the amount of your Bet, then click on 'Deal' to reveal the Dealer's hand and your hand. The Dealer's first card is dealt down and is unknown to you, while the Dealer's second card is dealt face up. To take another card and add it to your hand's total, simply click on 'Hit'. You can also double your bet only on the first Hit by clicking on 'Double'. When you click 'Double', the dealer will immediately draw. The player can only have 3 cards when doubling. If you like the hand you have been dealt and don't wish to take another card, click on 'Stand'. The Dealer will then take its cards. Here are some BlackJack

Rules You will Need to Know:

BlackJack is when the first two cards dealt equal 21 exactly. (This must include an Ace and any 10 or FaceCard.)

If the Dealer's hand equals your hand, it is considered a Push and your bet is returned to you.

Dealer must take a card (or Hit) if its hand totals 16 or less. Dealer must stand on all totals of 17 or more.

If the dealer is dealt BlackJack, He will always immediately flip both of his cards and the game will be over.

You automatically win when dealt BlackJack, unless the dealer also is dealt BlackJack, in which case is a push.

If the dealer's first card is an ace, the player will have the option to buy INSURANCE. Insurance is an independent wager. When bought, the player is risking 1/2 of his wager amount to win the full wager amount that the dealer has BlackJack. After Insurance is bought, the game is played out as usual.

* If a player loses his internet connection during the play of a hand, after the cards are dealt, but before the hand is concluded, the player will forfeit/lose this bet.
Poker Rules:

Jacks or Better Video Poker has the same rules that apply in Vegas. The table on the game shows all payouts. This display shows the number of coins that the machine pays based on how many coins are bet. The player can use $.25 coins up to $1 coins.

1 Free Withdrawal Per Month Rules:

* Applys only to Withdrawals of $100 or more, and only to U.S. destinations. Non-U.S. destinations will have appropriate service fees added.
* Recipient can receive funds by wire, (2 day), bank check, (dhl 2 day delivery), or western union cash, (next day) - NO FEES

* 1 withdrawal per month for lifetime of the account - extra withdrawals will be charged normal withdrawal fees

* Can be used only after all VISA charges have been credited back

*Does not apply if special MasterCard conditions as described above apply.


Neteller deposits (transfers to us), work much like Visa deposits. Management reserves the right to force all withdrawal requests to be transfers back to the Neteller system, until the total amount deposited is reached.